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Some Drops of Nectar from the Core of Nadi Astrology by Shri RG Rao:-

1) Question - Why is Jupiter Exalted in Cancer ?

Answer - Because the Sign Cancer is Water, the Ksheer Saagar where Shri Vishnu resides, and when Dev Guru Brihaspati comes to visit Him there, his Position would obviously be Exalted here.

2) Question - Why is Mars Exalted in Capricorn but not in the other Sign of Saturn which is Aquarius ?

Answer - Because Aquarius is the Sign opposite (7th) to the Sign Leo, and is considered as the Other Wife of the Sun, who is Chhaya, and mother of Saturn.

3) Question - Why is Venus Exalted in Pisces ?

Answer - Because Venus is considered as Goddess Lakshmi who likes to reside at feet of Her Lord Vishnu (Pisces -Feet)

4) Why is the Sun Exalted in Aries ?

Answer - The Sun is the King. mars is Power. The King will be Exalted wherever Power is.

(Have written in my own words and format without touching the Essence)

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