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The Shani Sadesathi is a cleansing phase which is bound to effect ones psyche irrespective of his individual Chart or Dasha running.

Everyone has a Moon in his Chart, and so everyone is going to face this onslaught every 30 years of his Life whenever Saturn transits over his Moon. This one has to endure mandatorily just like Death is Mandatory for one Born.

For some people Sadesathi seems to give them a windfall gains and Career Prosperity in their Lives, but there must be certainly an element of tragic occurrences too during this phase which some Astrologer writers fail to highlight in a show of making Shani Sadesathi appear as very good too at times.

Unfortunately, none of these Astrologer writers have ever been able to pin point , in a systematic manner, for whom Shani Sadesathi would fare well, and for whom not well.

But I am clear about one point in my experience. Forget the material gains or losses,forget the Career development or demotions, Whenever Saturn appears degrecally on the Natal Moon , the native is going to witness emotional upheavals for sure irrespective of a good antardasha running at that point of time.
Similarly we all have one more transit though smaller in gravity, to contend with, every month. That is when your Moon travels through the 8th House counted from Your Ascendant.

This transit has its own Luggage of Trials and tribulations to bring along to your Life, and will express itself in any which way. Many of you may have not noticed this. Since I want you to notice this hence I have posted this. This is like the monthly periods which females have.

To reduce or avoid these Tribulations which of course may come in small measures, nevertheless will make your Life cranky for 2-3 days, I suggest one small remedy which perhaps may help You, as it has helped me many a times.

As soon as your Moon enters the 8th House and Sign ( Here the 8th House (Cusp) may Not be starting of the sign itself but may be few degrees further away), please have a Budget of Rs.300-500 which you must spend on buying Bread, Bananas, Green Leafy vegetables, some Jaggery, etc. which stuff you must take to your nearby Gau-Shaala and feed the Cows.

This mandatorily remembrance would also serve to bring in some monthly discipline in Your Life which would add to your Bank Balance of 'Poonya, and help you in this Life and thereafter too. (Both Loka and Parloka).
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Jyōtiṣī ज्योतिषी
Jyōtiṣī ज्योतिषी

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