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Anuradha Nakshatra

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Anuradha Nakshatra

Anuradha (3°20′ to 16°40′ Scorpio)

The nakshatra Anuradha consists of the stars Beta, Delta, and Pi Scorpionis. These three stars are visible in the night sky as they appear in a straight line above the bright red star, Antares. The ruling deity, Mitra, bestows the ability to develop and sustain friendships. Anuradha is a star related to success and can produce fame and recognition, especially through collaboration. This nakshatra uses both intuition and logic to produce a remarkable understanding of numbers. Travel and success in foreign lands are also supported by this star. People born under Anuradha promote cooperation among humanity and are capable of leading and organizing large groups. They must, however, monitor their level of frustration and melancholy. Similar to the lotus flower, Anuradha has the persistence and ability to blossom in the midst of difficulty.

General Characteristics: Fun-loving; affluent; travels or lives in foreign countries; moves from place to place, cannot withstand hunger.

Translation: "Another Radha" or "Subsequent Success"

Symbol: Lotus flower; a staff; a furrow; or an archway

Animal Symbol: A Female Deer or Hare

Presiding Deity: Mitra, the Sun God who rules friendship

Controlling Planet: Saturn

Ruling Deity of Saturn: Hanuman

Nature: Deva (god-like)

Mode: Passive

Number:17 (this number relates to numerology)

Gender: Male

Dosha: Pitta

Guna: Tamasic

Element: Fire

Disposition: Mild and Tender (Mridu)

Bird: Nightingale

Common Name: Bullet Wood, Magilam

Botanical Name: Mimusops elangi

Seed Sounds: Na, Ni, Nu, Ne (see Padas of Anuradha)

Also related to Planets: Mars, as ruler of the Scorpio, provides initiative; Ketu is also connected to Scorpio and gives an interest in the unseen mysteries
Jyōtiṣī ज्योतिषी
Jyōtiṣī ज्योतिषी

Broj poruka : 1699
Datum upisa : 03.06.2015
Godina : 99
Lokacija : प्रभात


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Anuradha Nakshatra :: Komentari

Jyōtiṣī ज्योतिषी

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Psychic and hypnotists; organization heads; occultists; spies; astrologers; occupations requiring night activities; musicians; counselors; promoters; industrialists; managers; artists; scientists; psychologists; numerologists; scientists; mathematicians; explorers; miners; diplomats; factory workers; group workers; professions associated with travel, foreigners and foreign countries.

Gana: Anuradha is a ‘deva’/godly nakshatra, with tender disposition that seeks harmony and understanding at all levels for a common cause.

Favorable Activities

Groups, research, meditation, occult study, foreign affairs, healing, friendship, accounts/finances, reflective, secretiveness

Unfavorable Activities

Marriage, confrontation, mundane actions, inaugurations


Anuradha natives should worship the 12 Adityas, primarily Mitra, and chant the root mantra “Om Am” and “Om Im” 108 times during the lunar transition of this nakshatra to alleviate afflictions. Wearing moderate colors is also recommended. All important actions should correspond to the course of this constellation for best results.


In the words of Varahamihira, the lunar influence gives Anuradha a traveler, wealthy, and focused on satisfying their hunger as they cannot go without food for long. Friedrich Nietzsche is a typical Anuradha native.

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Jyōtiṣī ज्योतिषी

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Padas or Quarters

The first pada falls on the Leo Navamsa which is ruled by the Sun. The focus lies on understanding the inner self and applying it through their career. The pride and militant nature needs to be curbed in order to enable positive self-expression. Intense energy is provided by the Sun, Ketu, Mars and Jupiter.

The second pada falls on the Virgo Navamsa which is ruled by Mercury. The focus here is on constant learning, discrimination, discipline, organization and group activity. The quarter gets into the question of the universe and cracks it. It is characterized with calculation, classification and numerical prowess. Objectives are fulfilled in this Pushkara navamsha pada. Rahu and Mercury are especially strong.

The third pada falls on the Libra Navamsa which is ruled by Venus. The characteristic aspects include music, arts and the occult. It is also associated with wastefulness and undoing. Planets Saturn and Venus are powerful and provide the native with a sociable nature.

The fourth pada falls on the Scorpio Navamsa which is ruled by Mars. Abundant energy is available here to follow all sorts of esoteric goals, although this energy needs to be challenged constructively through the universal functioning. The planets are too emotional and passionate here, allowing the native to achieve much. Ketu, Sun and Jupiter are well-placed here.

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Jyōtiṣī ज्योतिषी

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Anuradha – The Lotus

Anuradha (3.20-16.40 Scorpio) is governed by Mitra, the Divine Friend. It fosters balance and harmony in relationships, honor and achievement of fame. It is a destroyer of enemies and an expert in art and creativity.

Anuradha translates into After Radha or Another Radha. Alternatively, it can indicate ‘subsequent successes. Despite the lack of apparent similarity, it is seen that Anuradha forms a pair with Vishakha, like Purvaphalguni and Uttaraphalguni.

Behavioral Characteristics

Anuradha focuses on ‘exploration’, which is a jovial combination of community, people and energy. Thus, it can also be seen as a bridge between un-agreeable forces. Anuradha engenders communication between extremes like the youthful and old, immature and mature, highly evolved and lesser evolved, and also between races and castes. It is a universal solvent, the asterism of revolutionaries, and is able to see through the fakeness of society, politics and the economy.

The very aspect of openness of Anuradha does not indicate lack of discrimination, as they can be extremely biased and cautious of allowing people into their circle. With the energies of all nakshatras being utilized to negative ends, Anuradha is an easy prey to frivolousness. Anuradha natives happen to be driven by logic and are attracted to math, physics and the material sciences. It is a constellation that can effortlessly seam through independent thought, logic and intuition.

Anuradha born persons are obsessed with numbers and this is why they are interested in numerology, statistics and the occult. The spiritual evolvement of Anuradha engenders an all-encompassing vista. They have stout and hairy bodies with a prominent chest and protruding belly as they mature in age. Their countenance is friendly and the eyes give out a hint of secrecy at times. Behaviorally, they may swing from the passive to the exuberant.

Bridging people and groups is done effortlessly by Anuradha, who have a sensitive interior despite their tough façade. The uncompromising exterior makes them good leaders. They direct their energy through some deity, cause or cosmic energy. Due to the element of curiosity, Anuradha loves travel, especially to foreign lands, as they can easily adapt to foreign surroundings.

Anuradha is associated with ‘aradhana shakti’ or the power of worship. The ascending symbolism over the descending helps the asterism understand both higher and lower planes.

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Jyōtiṣī ज्योतिषी

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Favorable: Energetic; spirited; fun-loving; popular; attractive; vigorous; wise; spiritual seeker; interested in ancient knowledge; hard worker; capable of predicting; devoted; reliable; healthy; accommodates many people; enjoys social life and organizations; enjoys travel; benefits more if they live away from their place of birth; ability to attract and maintain friendships; cooperate with others; ability to lead and form alliances.

Unfavorable: Needs constant nourishment; feels guilty for unwanted things; guarded; deceitful; held back by others; cannot cope up with hunger or thirst; emotionally needy; rebellious; adheres to bad advice and suffers consequences; jealous and controlling of others; unaware of their impact on others; may be discontented due to a lack of maternal nurturing; defiant; vindictive; moves frequently due to dissatisfaction; tries too hard for spiritual progress.

Professions: Actors, musicians, business management, travel industry, dentists, criminal lawyers, mining engineers, scientists, statistician, mathematician, psychic mediums, astrologers, spies, photographers, cinema, industrialist, counselors, psychologists, explorers, diplomats, occupations connected to foreign countries, group activities organization/institution executive

Famous Anuradhas: Kevin Costner, Steve Allen, Alex Haley, Gerard Depardieu

Favorable Activities: Relating and socializing with friends, group activities, scientific research, travel to foreign lands, immigration, healing, meditation, financial tasks, exploration, covert actions.

Unfavorable Activities: Beginnings or inaugural events, marriage, confrontation, routine or commonplace activities


Sacred Energy Vortex: Thirunindriyur Sri Lakshmipureeswarar Temple

The temple associated with the energy of Anuradha star is located near the Thanjavur District of Mayilaadudhurai in Tamil Nadu, India. The temple is known locally as Thirunindriyur. Goddess Lakshmi worshipped the Siva lingam at this sacred vortex. She prayed to Lord Shiva and asked for his blessing to remain in the chest of Sriman Narayana Moorthy, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Due to the devotion of the Goddess, Lord Shiva has the name Sri Lakshmipureeswarar at this shrine.

People born under Anuradha star should visit the shrine for Sri Lakshmipureeswarar at this temple on Anuradha day, a birthday, or a wedding. It is recommended to perform archana with lotus flowers, an abhishekam and anoint Sri Lakshmipureeswara with sandalwood paste and pomegranate seeds. An offering of sweet rice can be given to the poor near the temple. In addition, one can bath in the holy temple pool and perform a Lakshmi Panjami Vrath pooja for five days. This is a powerful remedy for financial difficulties.

People born under other stars may also benefit by worshiping Sri Lakshmipureeswarar at this sacred site. On Anuradha day, Lord Shiva is adorned with colorful garments that are favorable to Goddess Lakshmi. People can offer a ghee lamp with three wicks and walk around the Sri Lakshmipureeswarar shrine. People may also offer gold or silver wedding badge, in accordance with their financial status, or a turmeric covered cord to the poor married woman. As a result, this remedy will release negative financial karma.

Anuradha natives, your incense is made with the herb Bullet Wood as prescribed by the Vedas.

Burning one of these pillars is like performing a mini fire ritual for that particular star formation. For your specific Birthstar, you will be able to connect inwardly to your planet of energetic origin and gain support with the positive aspects that are you.

Burning the other Nakshatra pillars on that specific Nakshatra day will tune you in with the favorable activities with that star’s energy for the day. It is recommended to at least burn your own personal Nakshatra pillar daily to stay connected to your essence. It is advantageous to burn the days Nakshatra pillar as well.

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Jyōtiṣī ज्योतिषी

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Each Nakshatra is divided into four quarters called padas that contain more specific characteristics of a person born during the pada of Anuradha:


First Pada 16°40 ‘- 20°00’ of Scorpio.
Ruled by Sun
Soul Sound: Na (Naa)
Keyword: Self Expression

Second Pada 20°00′- 23°20’of Scorpio.
Ruled by Mercury
Soul Sound: Ni (Nee)
Keyword: Research

Third Pada 23°20′- 26°40’of Scorpio.
Ruled by Venus
Soul Sound: Nu (Noo)
Keyword: Social

Fourth Pada 26°40′- 30°00’of Scorpio.
Ruled by Mars
Soul Sound: Ne (Nay)
Keyword: Esoteric

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