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Chitra Nakshatra

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Chitra Nakshatra

Chitra (The brilliant) (23°20′ Virgo to 6°40′ Libra)

Chitra is represented by a single star known as Spica (Alpha-Virginis) in the constellation of Virgo. It is one of the brightest stars in the sky. The name Chitra translates as "brilliant." In the astrology chart, Chitra bridges the signs of Virgo and Libra. The ruling deity of this star is Vishvakarma, the celestial architect, who bestow the ability to create new things out of nothing. Those born under this nakshatra are fascinated by form, beauty, art, and structure. Chitra gives the ability to attract the opposite sex, especially the padas within Libra. This nakshatra seeks harmony and perfection, but imbalance often leads to indulgence or fanatical behavior. People born under Chitra attempt to appear orderly on the surface, yet underneath they may be disheveled or frustrated. This star can bring doubt or uncertainty, but also give flashes of inspiration and remarkable perception.

General Characteristics: Intelligent, skillful, creative, learned, social, attractive, natural leaders

Translation: "Brilliant", "Bright"

Symbol: A bright jewel or a shining light

Animal Symbol: Female Tiger

Presiding Deity: Vishvakarma; the Celestial Architect of the Universe.

Controlling Planet: Mars

Ruling Deity of Mars: Muruga

Nature: Rakshasa (Demon)

Mode: Active

Number: 14

Gender: Female

Dosha: Pitta

Guna: Tamasic

Element: Fire

Disposition: Soft, mild and tender

Bird: Wood Pecker

Tree: Common Name: Sacred Garlic Pear

Botanical Name: Cratevareligiosa

Seed Sounds: Pe, Po, Ra, Re

Also related to Planets: Mercury, as the ruler of Gemini; Venus, as the ruler of Libra
Jyōtiṣī ज्योतिषी
Jyōtiṣī ज्योतिषी

Broj poruka : 1699
Datum upisa : 03.06.2015
Godina : 99
Lokacija : प्रभात


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Chitra Nakshatra :: Komentari

Jyōtiṣī ज्योतिषी

Počalji taj Ned 18 Mar 2018 - 19:20 od Jyōtiṣī ज्योतिषी


Artisans and craftsmen; architects; designers; sculptors; fashion designers; cosmetic industry; models; fashion industry; photographers; graphic artists; surgeons; plastic surgeons; comperes; broadcasters; orators; professions demanding versatility and special skills; interior designers; jewelry makers; business experts; Fengshui or Vaastu experts; invention and creation of machinery; builders; painters; landscapers; screenplay writers; art directors; novelists; set and production designers; theater artists; performers; stage managers; musicians with originality; jazz musicians; advertising industry; herbalists

Favorable Activities

Health and physical improvement, arts and crafts, interior designing, spirituality, herb collection, opposite sex, decoration, elegance, charisma

Unfavorable Activities

Confrontation, investigation, marriage


Chitra natives should worship female deities who ride the tiger like Durga, Jagdamba and Bhavani, and chant the root mantra “Om Tam” and “Om Tham” 108 times during the lunar transition of this nakshatra to alleviate afflictions. Wearing bright, sparkling and varied colors is also recommended. All important actions should correspond to the course of this constellation for best results.


In the words of Varahamihira, the lunar influence gives Chitra pleasant and bright appearance. Mahatma Gandhi and Anna Nicole Smith are typical Chitra natives.

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Jyōtiṣī ज्योतिषी

Počalji taj Ned 18 Mar 2018 - 19:19 od Jyōtiṣī ज्योतिषी

Padas or Quarters

The first pada falls on the Leo Navamsa which is ruled by the Sun. The focus on a lower level is on personal glamor. On a higher level, it is on perfection through self-abnegation. The pada has an intense power to keep secrets like the Sphinx (which combines the signs Virgo and Leo) which is the keeper of esoteric knowledge until mankind is prepared to hear them. Planets deal in a very concealed and non-apparent manner. Mercury, Mars, Rahu and the Sun occupy strong positions.

The second pada falls on the Virgo Navamsa which is ruled by Mercury. The highlights include maternity, duality, order and arrangement. Disciplined by nature, the pada completes what it begins. Rahu, mercury and Saturn are strongly placed here, although Saturn has a tendency to make things highly puritanical if it exerts a lower aspect.

The third pada falls on the Libra Navamsa which is ruled by Venus. The highlight on the material plane is on relationships, equilibrium and self-absorption. A very social and self-centered quarter it likes rising through the manipulation of its social circle. On another level, it likes promoting harmony and love in relationships. Planets love dazzling and flaunting. Saturn, Venus and Mercury are especially strong.

The fourth pada falls on the Scorpio Navamsa which is ruled by Mars. It reflects the mysterious and magical qualities of Chitra. Secrecy and passion are more here. Despite the non-acquisitive nature, planets make the material aspects very smooth for the natives. Saturn, Rahu, Ketu and Venus are strong.

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Jyōtiṣī ज्योतिषी

Počalji taj Ned 18 Mar 2018 - 19:19 od Jyōtiṣī ज्योतिषी

Chitra – The Pearl

Chitra (23.20 Virgo-6.40 Libra) is represented in the astrological cosmos as a single star. It conveys the idea of universal craftsmanship through its ruling deity Twashtar. The primary objective of Chitra is to surmount illusion and maya.

Known to the Vedic astrologers as the nakshatra of prosperity, Chitra stands for the ‘big, bright, shining jewel’. Just as gemstones are created under extreme conditions of intense heat and pressure; the universe too needs to progress from its initial Big Bang which is emblematized by Chitra.

Behavioral Characteristics

Chitra is characterized with the essence of creation and conveys the intent of the English words, varied, multihued, brilliant, magic, art and visual delight. With little capability of sitting still, Chitra harmonizes with universal functions which in the negative context can become indulgent and self-serving.

Chitra natives are appearance conscious and complex, and hence it is related to maya, or glamour and illusiveness. Their aesthetic and architectural approach has a superficial desire to project external beauty and the need to harmonize their relationships. Chitra natives, on a material and spiritual plane, interplay projection and perception so much so that their dignified façade has a concealed inner layer.

Under the Virgo influence, Chitra tries to seek answers for illusions, while Chitra in the Libra zodiac relates more to the form and appearance of things. While Virgo is concerned with detail, Libra has more to do with relationship and seeking admiration. The ever present element of doubt and uncertainty give Chitra a weaker aspect which is why dubiousness looms over its need for appreciation and balance.

Chitra loves to understand the mechanism of things and hence to is related to the scientific, technological and creative fields. In fact, a shining example is the Japanese race. Chitra loves conjuring magic while the Libra influence gives the nakshatra the aesthetic appeal. On a higher plane, Virgo in Chitra creates the gadget, while Libra gives polish to the finished object, by understanding the universal mechanism and coating it with the illusive mantle.

Natives of the Chitra asterism have well-proportioned hairless bodies, with bright eyes and impressive manners. With a twinkle to their eyes, Chitra persons are able to naturally dazzle, which makes them attract the opposite sex. They can both sport and fake passion whenever required. Their penchant for dignity often conceals their errors. Causing some angst and disappointment, Chitra may both function on a higher and lower plane.

Like the oyster which displays irritation in producing the pearl, Chitra born individuals cannot easily strip themselves of maya and illusion. However, this pain itself is a manifestation of the chimera.

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Jyōtiṣī ज्योतिषी

Počalji taj Ned 18 Mar 2018 - 19:17 od Jyōtiṣī ज्योतिषी

Strengths: Sociable; perceptive; conversant; independent; motivated; high-spirited; elegant; dignified; judicious; well-read; attractive; well-dressed; drawn to philosophy and social thought; prefers physical expression of creativity such as sculpture; printmaking; business savvy; deep spirituality.

Weakness: Arrogant; egocentric; easily bored; smug; argumentative; judgmental; spendthrift; quick to challenge another’s view point; unethical; attracted to mates who are exciting; but negligent ; lack of integrity.

Professions: Architects, designers, sculptors, craftsmen, fashion designers, cosmetic designers, plastic surgeons, photographers, graphic artists, composers, orators, broadcasters, business, interior designer, jewelry designers, feng shui expert, inventor, machinery production, builders, landscapers, painters, screenplay writers, set designers, art directors, theatre performers, jazz musicians, herbalist, advertising, or any job requiring versatility.

Famous Chitras: Richard Chamberlain, Wilt Chamberlain, George Bush, Dwight Eisenhower, Marie Antoinette, Sidney Poitier

Favorable Activities: Health care, buying new clothes, home repairs, home design, arts and crafts, mechanical activities, performances, decorating, spiritual practices, relating to opposite sex, preparing medicines, activities requiring charisma and eloquence.

Unfavorable Activities: Marriage, investigation, or direct confrontation.

Sacred Energy Vortex: Kuruviththurai Sri Chittira Ratha Vallabha Perumal Temple

The sacred energy vortex that resonates with Chitra star is located in Kuruviththurai near Madurai in Tamil Nadu, India. Those born under Chitra star will benefit by visiting this temple at least once to make offerings and prayers. This temple is the abode of Lord Vishnu who revealed himself as Sri Chittira Ratha Vallabha Perumal. In addition, Sri Sudarsana Peruman and Sri Guru Bhagawan reside in this temple.

The Chitra Chariot exhibits great significance at Kuruviththurai. The Chitra Chariot is the vehicle used to carry Sri Maha Vishnu in procession during Vishnupati. This chariot encompasses the seven colors visible on earth along with seven thousand colors from the Chitra star galaxy. Chitra star embraces the meaning of color and form. Chitra signifies structure while and Vallabham represents eternity. It is here that Sri Maha Vishnu reveals that the feet of a spiritual teacher are everlasting.

This site, known as Kuruviththurai, is significant for all spiritual teachers. The darshan of thousands of glowing lights of celestial teachers was emitted at this site. It is here that Sri Brahaspathi and Sri Sukrachariyar became the primary teachers of all teachers. Sukrachariyar performed penance at Tirubhuvanai Sri Varadaraja Perumal temple while Brahaspathi simultaneously performed penance at Kuruviththurai temple. Both were praying to Sri Narayana Moorthy for a life of tranquility between the celestials and the demons. The river linking these two temples is known as Bhargaspathi, which is the origin of the Vaigai River. Sri Narayana Moorthy revealed himself in the riverbed to Sukrachariyar and Sri Brahaspathi. They were bestowed with the grace of nine planets during the Kaliyuga.

There are seven types of abhishekham performed at this temple and garlands with seven different types of flowers. All who visit this temple will benefit if they carry their horoscope in a sandalwood box or yellow bag and walk around this temple 21 times. This will remove harmful effects of past life karma and grant the blessings of the nine planets. This sacred site will also assist people living with sorrow and depression. Those born under Chitra star would greatly benefit by offering fragrant and colorful flower garlands at this sacred energy vortex.

Chitra natives, your incense is made with the herb sacred garlic peer as prescribed by the Vedas.

Burning one of these pillars is like performing a mini fire ritual for that particular star formation. For your specific Birthstar, you will be able to connect inwardly to your planet of energetic origin and gain support with the positive aspects that are you.

Burning the other Nakshatra pillars on that specific Nakshatra day will tune you in with the favorable activities with that star’s energy for the day. It is recommended to at least burn your own personal Nakshatra pillar daily to stay connected to your essence. It is advantageous to burn the days Nakshatra pillar as well.

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Jyōtiṣī ज्योतिषी

Počalji taj Ned 18 Mar 2018 - 19:16 od Jyōtiṣī ज्योतिषी

Each Nakshatra is divided into four quarters called padas that contain more specific characteristics of a person born during the pada of Chitra:


First Pada 23°20′ to 26°40′ Virgo
Ruled by: Sun
Soul Sound: Pe
Keyword: Hidden

Second Pada 26°40′ to 30°00′ Virgo
Ruled by: Mercury
Soul Sound: Po
Keyword: Discipline

Third Pada 00°00′ to 3°20′ Libra
Ruled by: Venus
Soul Sound: Ra
Keyword: Relationship

Fourth Pada 3°20′ to 6°40′ Libra
Ruled by: Mars
Soul Sound: Re
Keyword: Mysterious

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