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4th house from Arudha Lagna

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4th house from Arudha Lagna

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The AL4 is a creating (rajasic) house with the natural karaka of the Moon. Where the AL worked for its own image, the AL4 is working more after the family or community of the person.

Trines are the most important from the lagna and the Sun, Quadrants are most important from the Moon and the Arudha Lagna. The strongest planet in a quadrant will have a large influence on how a person is perceived in the world[1]. One can examine the planets conjunct the AL as well as planets in quadrants to it to see what people are known most for. Jaimini says that “Venus and Moon, either jointly or independently, aspecting or conjoining the first or fourth house give various luxuries and paraphernalia generally attendant upon royalty” (1.3.45). A digbala planet well placed will give abundantly of its significations.

Digbala from the lagna will show which direction the intelligence is being applied and will give great strength in that direction. The aspects on a house will give opportunity for the fulfillment of that same end (rasi drishti), using Narayan dasa the person will go towards that direction.

Digbala from AL determines which planets have the power to transport the mind. The digbalas from the AL show which direction you can travel for various purposes. Venus represents the South East direction, the physical direction comes from the direction your mind wants you to go. There was an Indian with Venus in the 4th from the AL, he wanted to go to America , but instead went South East to Malaysia . If a planet is in digbala from the AL it can take you in that direction during that dasa.
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