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Your Sexual Emotions...

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Your Sexual Emotions...

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Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

1. Venus is the known planet for love, romance, beauty, sex and it would be apt to say that it governs all matters relating to sex come under the domain of Venus. Even for the secret organs and external organs for sexual enjoyment, the role of Venus must be taken into account.

2. Sexual planet Venus owns two signs in the Zodiac i.e. Taurus and Libra connected with love etc, the planet stand for connected matters such as women, wife or husband, youth and pride, beauty, dancing, happiness from wife or husband, precious stones (being presented by lovers), love for humour (romantic nature), soft and tender beauty pleasant movements (lovers walking together, possessing (friendship) with many women, indulgence in amorous sports, attachment to all matters of sex including pictures, black-beautiful hair, an awareness about the genital organs and the secrets connected with them.

3. Without discussing various properties of Venus, her signs and Nakshatras, it would be apt to discuss all about your passions, emotions for sensual pleasures and why one gets to seek such type of pleasures even by force i.e. rape, molestation etc. Among the planets, actually all planets including the Nodes of the Moon have a say in the matter but prominent mention is made for Venus, Mars, Moon, and Saturn/Rahu. The placement of Venus in a particular sign/nakshtra/house etc. would make the difference as what kind of emotions the native would have. With the involvement of Jupiter in any manner, the native would handle all such sexual affairs with wisdom and intelligence and it has been noticed that the Sun and Venus together specially in Lagna speak of skilled adultery’ i.e. the involvement of the parties secretly irrespective of the position one may hold.

The rest : http://www.shankarsastro.com/2011/07/your-sexual-emotions-via-venus-planet.html
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