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Rasi Lagna

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    Ascendant - Lagna
    A new degree of the Zodiac appears to ascend on the eastern horizon every four minutes and a new sign every 2 hours. The Ascendant is always that point on the eastern horizon where Sun appears to rise in the morning. The moment the child takes his first breath and begins his active relationship with this world is Ascendant. In terms of nature of signs, Ascendants have characteristic features.

    The Fiery signs namely, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius represent heat, spirit, and produce bilious...

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    Pisces is the 12th sign of Zodiac. It is symbolized by two fishes. It the second sign ruled by Jupiter.

    Physical Features: Pisces generally produces short people. They will weigh as much as tall person as they will be plump and the hands and feet will appear to be short and stout. The shoulders are muscular and spherical. The eyes will be big and protruding. The hair will be soft.

    Mental Tendencies: Person born in Pisces are philosophical, restless, ever dreamy, contemplating,...

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    Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac. It is symbolized with pouring out water from a vessel. Before the discovery of Uranus both Hindu sages and Western astrologers assigned this sign to Saturn. But after discovery of Uranus Western astrologers assigned this sign to Uranus.

    Physical Features: The people born in Aquarius are tall with full stature. They are strong. Face will be oval, complexion will be fair, and appearance will be handsome. Teeth may be defective. The hair has a brown...

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    Capricorn is the tenth sign of Zodiac. They are symbolized by goat. It is the first sign ruled by Saturn.

    Physical Features: Saturn being the lord of the sign indicates that one will be emaciated, week and grow slowly. The body will not be muscular or plump but slender. They grow tall suddenly after 16 years of age. With age their constitution will improve. The face will be thin and oval. The nose will be long and...

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    Sagittarius is the ninth sign of zodiac. Sagittarius is pictured as half man with bow and arrow and half horse. It is the first sign ruled by Jupiter.

    Physical Feature: They have well proportioned and well developed body, tall, large forehead with high and bushy eye brows. They have long nose, bright eyes, charming appearance, graceful look, fair complexion and handsome figure.

    Mental Tendencies: Sagittarius is a fiery sign. Hence they will be bold, courageous and pushy. They will...

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    Scorpio is the 8th sign of the Zodiac. Scorpio is symbolized by Scorpion. It is the second sign ruled Mars.

    Physical Features: The body will be well proportioned with generally long hands. The stature is above average. Broad face, commanding appearance, short and curly hair and muscular body are indicated by Scorpio. They have good personality.

    Mental Tendencies: Scorpio is a fixed sign. Therefore they are particularly determined individual especially when they set themselves a...

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    Libra is the seventh sign of Zodiac. It is the second sign ruled by Venus. Libra is symbolized by a man holding the balance in his hand and dealing in his commodities. It is the sign of Vyapari – Businessman.

    Physical Features: The person born in Libra as ascendant grows tall with well proportionate body. His limbs are slender but strong. His appearance will be graceful with a sweet smile, and his countenance attractive. The eyebrows add to his beauty. In adult age occipital region gets...

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    Virgo is the sixth sign of Zodiac. It is the second of the earth sign also second sign ruled by Mercury.

    Physical Features: The native will be tall with a slender body. He or she will have dark hair and eyes. The eyebrows will be curved with much of hair growth. The voice will be thin and even shrill. Due to their activity, they often appear younger than their actual age. The nose will be straight, indicating they are very clever, not necessarily cunning. The forehead near eyebrows will...

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    Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac. It the second fiery sign. Leo is symbolized by Lions which is the King of the animals. It is ruled by Sun.

    Physical Features: Leo born will have well developed bones, broad shoulder and forehead. He will be well built and muscular. His stature will be full and his appearance majestic, imposing, commanding and dignified. Complexion will vary according to the exact position of the ascendant, planets occupying and aspecting the ascendant. Never he will be...

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    Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac. It the first water sign. This sign is symbolized by crab. It is ruled by Moon.

    Physical Features: The body will be clumsy with slender limbs. People born in Cancer generally have a large upper body. As age advances with overeating they develop a prominent abdomen. Face would be wide between ears and mouth will be large with nice teeth. As limbs are extremely slender when compared to the large upper body, the whole body appears to be top heavy.

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    This is the third sign of the Zodiac. Gemini is the first of the airy sign and it is ruled by Mercury.

    Physical Features: Gemini gives a tall, upright, straight body, the hands will be long. The leg will be thin .Complexion will be moderate, fair or dark, depending on the planet which rises then in Gemini at the time of birth. The eyes will be hazel and look quick sharp and active. Nose will be long.

    Mental Tendencies: Being an airy sign, persons born in this sign live mostly...

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    It is the second sign of Zodiac. The sign is symbolized by bull by both Hindus and Westerners. It is ruled by Venus.

    Physical Features: The stature will be middle for Taurus born. They would have a plump body, and broad forehead. They will be stout in appearance with bright eyes. They will have big shoulders and well developed muscles.

    Mental Tendencies: Taurus is the first of the earth signs and also a fixed sign. Taurus native would be having strong endurance and patience. If...

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    Aries –mesha is the first or head sign of the Zodiac. Aries represents head and face in the human body. It is ruled by Mars. According to sayana system Sun enters Aries on 21st or 22nd March whereas according to Nirayana system Sun enters on 13th or 14th April.

    Physical Appearance: Person born under this sign are of middle stature. They posses...


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